Seven planetary systems abandoned by the home system (Earth), plagued with political strife. Some seek control, some seek safety, others seek home.

Over forty years have passed since the abandonment, severing the seven colony systems from home. The sudden withdrawal took with it much needed support and resources, leaving millions fighting to maintain a crumbling infrastructure.

  • Abandoned includes:
    • Books series
    • Video Game
    • Virtual economy/cryptocurrency
    • Magazine
    • Video production

Pieces launching soon!


Tread Media intendeds to use an independent cryptocurrency to support future publications, games, and film production. This currency will provide an economic base across multiple business and platforms, including industries in gaming, publishing, shopping, and OTT streaming.

Our partner network covers the United States, including Maine, Connecticut, Georgia, Arizona, Utah, and New Jersey. At this time, international partnerships reside in Canada, Dubai, and India.

Linking with exchanges, along with offering outside purchase power, will offer our members a real-world resource.