News Pros Sitcom
Ebook Series

It’s a small town news studio with the most unprofessional “professionals” in the business, where the short filler broadcast is more entertainment than serious news.

The news, which is compiled by unpaid interns, is delivered by Rod Fritz, a narcissistic news anchor who lacks internal filters while on air, and the field reporter, Kate, who is a severe germaphobe. With the weather being delivered by the handyman and the untalented camera guys thinking they can produce “interesting” news, it’s a setting for a chaotic debacle.

The corporate owners, who are making money off the chaos, keep the studio underfunded and staffed with unqualified personnel to capitalize on the entertainment value with DVD’s, t-shirts, even action figures, while letting the crew, particularly Rod, believe they are news pros.

The short story sitcom – What we are calling a short story sitcom is a hybrid of story and screenplay. It’s a sitcom script put to story format, except for the character dialog.

The basic sitcom format remains, broken into sections like the cold open, acts 1, 2, 3, and ending. Most elements that you would find in a screenplay have been removed, such as camera angles, scene information, and crew notes.

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Bonus #1

Shrink’d Pilot Episode Ebook
The New Office

He’s a psychologist who needs a psychologist, attempting to treat an oddball group of patients while projecting his own psychological issues on everyone else.

Brian (Mariam) Booger, insisting on a French pronunciation of his last name (pronounced Boojzer), believes he is a competent psychologist with exceptional skill in understanding the human mind. His narcissistic view of himself makes him oblivious to having more psychological problems than most of his patients.

Losing his office due to his building co-occupants having enough of him, Brian is forced to take an office in his mother’s business park building. Amongst the building characters is a stereotypical hippy, internet psychologist who Brian absolutely abhors. With a detached mother, a delusional father and a building receptionist who finds joy in tormenting Brian. It’s a dysfunctional office setting where Brian’s patients take the brunt.

Series – Shrink’d is a stand alone series, but the main character is seen in episode nine of News Pros. Shrink’d is not a spinoff, but a cross over series to NP.